Powerful. Affordable. Hyper-Local.
Part of the mission is to empower small and medium-sized local businesses with the most cost-effective, locally targeted Internet advertising available. We take our advertising model a step further by allocating a portion of every advertising dollar back into our communities via scholarships, improvements and activities. Our philosophy is that users generate all the content on social networking websites and as such, they should receive financial benefit as well. We seek partnerships with businesses that are already actively involved in their communities. For more information on becoming a sponsor or adverting partner please contact us.

Neighborhood Website Sponsorships
These are high profile text ads that appear in the main header of every page on a website. “Brought to you by the Your Company, Inc.” or “Brought to you by John Smith at the Your Company, Inc.”

Advertisement banners:
Your business can advertise at three page levels (community page, sub-page and individual pages) at three different banner sizes (180×90, 160×290, 160×600, 355×90 and 720×90). You can advertise by zip code, group of zip codes, city, state or sitewide.

These are low cost sponsorships that appear on each communities Partners & Sponsors page. Your company can advertise on one neighborhood site, a group of site, by zip code, city (s) and state (s). 180×90. Your sponsorship ad can include an image with a link to your website, an linked image with contact information, or a text entry with Company name, contact name, address and phone.

Neighborhood Email Newsletters
Neighborhood newsletters are automatically sent out to every neighborhood 1-2 times each month. Neighborhood newsletters consist of unique newsletter content as well as summary links to the most recent neighborhood posts. Neighborhood newsletters advertisements are text based.

Print Advertisements
As highlighted in our FAQ section, we send out PIN letters to every house in the neighborhood. We seek out local business to sponsor each one of these mailouts. Our introductory PIN letters are typically sent out in group of zip codes or by county and can range from 5,000 to 20,000 or more per mailout.