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Connecting Communities

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Many factors are considered when buying a home. First location, and then, well, location. The reason the physical address is so important is in part due to your neighbors. Who your neighbors are affects a big part of your life. Recently a friend of mine had his car keyed due to a misunderstanding about a parking spot. In other neighborhoods you’d never hear of such a thing.

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Kansas City, KS (PRWEB) September 1, 2010

Free neighborhood social network,, announced today that the company has received startup funding from a regional angel investment firm. provides free neighborhood websites to any type of residential community.

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Hyperlocal network Neighbortree raises $120,000

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Just one month into the hyperlocal biz, and startup Neighbortree  has $120,000 in angel money. The company hopes to build out a network of hyperlocal sites. I should say “hyper-hyperlocal sites,” since the company’s goal is to have sites as micro as neighborhoods and apartment buildings. The company offers its services for free to anyone who wants to start such a site. Writes TechCrunch:

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